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Awkward Things About Running A Business With Your Partner


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For about two years, my partner and I worked together producing events. It was a small night gig that brought in some extra income, and involved an industry that we both knew a bit about. Doing this work together nearly ruined our relationship—nearly. Looking back, I’m grateful that we had already been together for a long time before this happened, so we were already standing on solid ground. Had we been a brand new couple, I honestly think that doing that work together could have caused us to break up. It’s not like we got in a lot of massive arguments: it’s more like little incidents slowly began to pull at the threads of our relationship. Certain subtle conflicts and tensions started to plague us that just don’t plague a couple who doesn’t run a business together. Again, I’ll state that simply being coworkers at the same company someone else owns isn’t that bad (though that too requires some tact). It’s when you try to run a business with your partner and are equal partners. Here are uncomfortable things that come up when you run a business with your partner.



When a male client gets flirty

This happened several times: we’d have some male clients get flirty with me. They didn’t outright ask me out—if they had, that actually would have been easier, since I could have shut the situation down. Instead, they just walked the line of hitting on me, never quite crossing that line. But my partner, the client, and I all knew what was going on.

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