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Das Racist: Landlord Refuses To Rent Room To Gambian Student, Claims African Food ‘Makes The House Smell’


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Racist Landlord Blames Food Smell For Refusing Apartment To African Student

Just went you thought you’ve heard all the racist ish you can handle, it gets worse. A Gambian student was well on his way to renting a new room in central London from landlord Elina Vimbsone — that was until she saw his Facebook profile photo.

West African born Ebrima Mboob sayes Vimbsone refused to rent him the room, telling him that it was ‘only for Europeans’ because African cooking ‘makes the house smell’. Mboob says the conversation began with him asking if he could arrange a viewing, to which Ms Vimbsone replied, ‘Sure, I do views today from now till 7pm will [sic] be brilliant if you could make a time.’

Shortly after, she responded: “Oh, just seen your profile, it’s for European people only. Sorry mate. We are not racist. We have friends from Nigeria and all the house smells when they cook.”

The 24-year old performing arts student was heart broken. He told The Sun:

“What makes it even more shocking is the fact she said ‘will be brilliant if you can make the time to come and view’, but soon changed her mind once she realised I was black. I wasn’t expecting her to even ask me about my background as I didn’t think it was relevant and she even had the nerve to say it wasn’t racist.”

It is against the law to refuse to rent property to a person due to race because it breaches section 12 of the Equality Act 2010. No word on whether Mboob plans to sue Vimbsone and the property, but this is pretty messed up.

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