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Farting & Zit Popping: Nasty Signs Of A Comfortable Relationship


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Love is where your nasty is. In the beginning of a relationship, we put on our best behavior. Our best clothes, our best hair and our best behavior are all put forth in those early days, as a way to seduce your partner into a lifetime connection. Of course, you can only be your best for so long until the parts of you that aren’t so attractive start to leak through.

Getting to a point where you are finally comfortable showing the parts of yourself that aren’t so fresh, exciting or clean is an important pinnacle in your relationship. Even though we like to be superheroes for significant other, it’s a beautiful moment to be able to take off your shield and be awesomely flawed and human. Experts told Romper.com why showing certain gross habits to your partner can be a good marker of relational intimacy.

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Eating Like A Slob

Don’t order the nice salad, go get Ethiopian food and eat with your hands. Bite into a messy burritos.

“Activities that you can do together that may not be instinctually ‘sexy’ like eating a messy meal also signal to your partner that you are comfortable with them and more importantly, with yourself,” Jeannie Assimos, Chief of Advice at eharmony and host of The Love Show, told Romper.

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