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Girl, REBOUND! An Article By Tera Carissa Hodges


Girl, REBOUND! Why be mad when you can be made? There are some jewels from your journey and prosperity in your pain. Your job is to seek God for the purpose of your through and make it work for you. There is no way in hell a situation should leave you broke and broken. I don’t care what it is. You can emerge with wisdom and wealth. 

As a life coach who has coached over 1,000 people in 25 countries since 2009, the number one thing I am asked is, “what is my purpose?” My response remains: “what have you been through”? God does not waste materials. Those ups, downs, rumors, lies, attacks, slander, and plots you’ve lived through are the makings of identifying your purpose and your financial miracle. Your past + your pain + your passion = your purpose. Millions are in your reach if you heal and open up, tell your story, and embrace your journey. 

This is one reason I repeat, own your story so your story can never own you. When you know that regardless of what happens to you, you can tap into that “thing” and use it as a well to bring forth another product and reach another audience who is familiar with your pain, you welcome your enemies to keep attacking, because all they’re doing is giving you new ideas. They are giving you new strategies and streams, making you rich; rich in purpose, wisdom, insight, and prosperity.

When a woman comes to me for coaching after a break-up, break down, lay off, drama, or trauma, my first response is: are you ready to prosper? Even Jesus asked people ‘do you want to be well?’ In other words, are you willing to give up who you use to be to become who you can be? Because if you are, let’s get you healed and then use your journey to teach other people how they can heal too.

For example: in my experience, rarely is a woman mourning just a relationship. She’s mourning the future, peace, joy, happiness, and stability she attached to the relationship. However, healing can get you to the place where you recognize God has a future greater than the one you imagined while you were still with your ex, that job, or that former ministry, etc. Something good can come from what you’ve been through. If God allowed it, it will work for you and not against you. Romans 8:28.

In Ecclesiastes, the Bible declares there’s nothing new under the sun. That means you are not the first to go through it, so there’s no need to be ashamed. Nor will you be the last to go through it, whatever that through may be. The “not being the last one to go through it” part is what’s great for your prosperity, your peace, and your purpose. Your through is God giving you the blueprint. Your purpose is you teaching the blueprint.

In this life, pain is unavoidable. Even Jesus said, in this world, there will be trouble. However, prosperity is a choice. No matter what you go through, it’s a lot easier to come through when you know where your next meal is coming from. With the right strategies, after you’ve had your break down that morning and shed tears because we are all human, you can be headed to brunch at the Four Seasons to empower other women by noon.

Life is like a basketball game. It’s inevitable. We won’t make every shot we take. Yet, the only thing that can stop us from rebounding is if we fail to re-strategize quickly and get back in the game.

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