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How To Know You’re Ready For A Serious Relationship


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While a lot of single people feel they are primed and ready for a relationship, to be frank, some people just aren’t ready to do the work. But if you’re someone who is looking to get settled down soon, there are a couple of signs to look for in your development to know if you’re really up for the task of partnership or not.

You Want More

Simply said, the whole single dating thing no longer has its excitement or flare. You want to share your life with someone, and are ready to make the sacrifices and compromises needed to make a healthy partnership happen.

Lorrae Bradbury, dating coach and founder of the site Slutty Girl Problems told Menshealth, that you know you are ready to be partnered when, “you’re craving more intimacy and connection from life. [You] want a partner to go on the ride with: celebrating successes; supporting each other through struggles.”

She continues, “you’re willing and able to invest time, emotional support and energy, and TLC into someone else’s best interests, as well as your own.”

You Have A Focused Idea Of Who You Are And What You Desire

“The key is to get very clear on what your values are, what you want, what you need, and then look for a secure partner who can meet your mental, emotional, and relationship needs,” Bradbury explained. “You want to find a partner who embraces who you are, and who you embrace in return.”

You Understand Relationships Are Meant To Work Smoothly With The Life You Already Have

It’s important to be willing to make some compromises for a new partner, but ultimately, your dream partner’s ideals and lifestyle should run congruently to yours.

“Of course, some people find a lot of comfort and security in ‘settling down’ or transitioning into a more low-key life, and that is a perfectly valid expectation, if that is what you desire,” Bradbury said.

“But not all relationships have to fit that mold, and the ‘settled down’ version can leave much to be desired for those who are craving a more exciting experience.”


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