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How to make at least $1 – $5 per hour (money) online everyday.


Muncheye Product Launch Calendar for Affiliate Marketing

Making money online has never been easier. I want to share with you a step by step process of making your first $1 online. This is the real deal. I will be sharing 2 other similar platforms with you in my future posts.   The first programme I want to introduce you to, today is called Munch Eye

Munch Eye – This Website gives you information on future products that will be launched.  Now this gives you a product to launch and promote. Now make sure you apply to about 5- 8 products that you will promote. This website pays a high return on investment. Your investment here

Now there are other affiliates doing the same thing who have a huge email list. Now some people will refuse to buy these products.
One thing I want to suggest that you do is that you want to create a review for the product. Now, what you will do is create your own personal video for this product and do a quick review.  The first thing is to find a product niche. It has options for Big Launches and All Launches available in the market.  The idea here is to find a product that you can promote to earn some money from the referral.

The following are typical actions that you need to execute to get you started.

1. You scroll down the product page and then contact the owner, tell them you want to promote their product and you will like them to create a promotion page for you.

2. Create a Blog for the product.
– Get a Hosting (Use NameCheap)
– Get a domain name ( Use NameCheap)

3. Remember we still need the affiliate link, I will get to that later

4. Now, you also need to get to the first page on google so that people can find you easily. You also need to be able to rank on these products. For this, you will need about 500 words to 1200 words in each article.
Need help with the blog writing? You can contact me via Instagram or go to the Fiverr.com or upwork.com
a.) You can hire someone from here but make sure you check their reviews.

b.) Remember, you need backlinks? Now we can also get the backlinks via Fiverr. There are tons of people on there who will do this for you for a little fee. Check reviews and ratings.

c.) Create a Facebook Fan Page for the product. and start posting about the product.

d.) You can use a website called Konker ….check it out too.

e.) Also, go to YouTube and make a video about the product and do something great on your video. After the video, make sure you go back to Fiverr or Konker and get some backlinks. Backlinks help Google rank you high and customers find you easily.

5. Make sure you also use your keywords to write your articles.

6. You can also get people to link back to you via a website known as Black Hat World.


IMPORTANT NOTES:  It is advisable to focus on the % commission, and not the price. The higher the commission the better. One of the ways to do this is to get a notepad and write down the products that pay at least 50%  to 55%

When you have experience in a niche you’ll know the author names to look for. But if you’re just starting, you can Google their name to see how successful they have been. Doing research is very critical to the success of every online business.

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