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How To Make More Time For Your Significant Other


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“Adulting” can drain you of all the energy you have to do normal tasks. Between your work load, and laundry and dishes and kids and mental health, you can find yourself with no time or energy to devote to the people you love. But you don’t want relationships to fall to the wayside while you’re advancing in every other aspect of your life.

The experts at Verily weighed in on simple strategies you can implement to make more time for those you love.


Life has changed. You don’t have as much time as you used to to spend with besties or old colleagues as you did back in the day. That’s okay. Sometimes just coming to terms with the new reality of your life can help you conserve energy for your friends. How can you manage your new schedule to accommodate cultivating these connections? It’s not about resisting the flow, it’s going with it and adjusting.


Okay so maybe you and your girls can’t hang out every single week during happy hour–but if you can manage a nice dinner with the girl gang every month, that can mean the world. As we get older, it’s important we are allocating the small amount of time we have to be lucrative time spent, versus just one drunk hour of cheap drinks.

Find New Ways To Connect

Hey, let your group chat be lit! No, it doesn’t take the space of face-to-face time, but it does help you stay connected with your loved ones. Also feel free to get breakfast or lunch with your loved ones–it doesn’t always have to be drinks after work.

Make It A Priority 

Set alarms, calendar alerts, whatever it takes to make time for the people you care about. Yes, the frequency of your visits with friends may change, but you never want those who have been an essential part of your life to suddenly feel invisible. Do what you can to prioritize your connection.


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