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This online business summit will empower you and energize you to get started in 2019. Make sure you register for the event. Click the flyer above to register for the event.

Check out the profiles of our conference speakers below:

Natalie Rochelle

CEO of NR Media Agency located in Chicago IL. She hosts the award-winning podcast of the FeedSpot Top 25 CEO Podcast in the World, CEO Chats Podcast and founder for Bizness Babe Army, where she teaches female entrepreneurs to break the corporate glass ceiling stereotype that only CEOs wear cuff links and suit ties.

Britney Baker

CEO of L’Arome Factory Inc. in Atlanta a fragrance line designer and creative coach. Britney has a passion to help people become their most creative self. She loves giving people that extra push in the right direction to their personal success.

Kellen Kash

Kellen is a public relations consultant and author. He is a multifaceted entrepreneur who likes to work with a select group of business people to make progress and profit. He has movies on platforms like Amazon that he has directed executive produced.

Jordan Franklin

Jordan is a Trademark, Copyright and Business Attorney . She provides top legal services in the Houston, Texas Area. She holds
a BA in philosophy from Baylor University and a JD from Southern University Law Center.

Joy Osahon

Joy is a lifestyle blogger and Motivational Speaker Her passion is geared towards empowering women to walk boldly in their purpose. She is a
Nigerian-American and currently resides in Newark, New Jersey.

Keyon Clinton

Born and raised in Detroit, MI which is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, He received his Bachelors of Science from Michigan State University in Electrical Engineering and is currently working for a multi-billion dollar company, while also pursuing his education further to obtain his MBA.

Ndidi Love

Ndidi Love is a motivational entertainer and seasoned motivational expert. 
 Currently a Human Resources professional, she utilizes her ability to motivate every chance she gets
She focuses on drawing out a person’s strong qualities while using culturally competent techniques to help the individual understand their ideas and ways of thinking. 

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