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MelaninPeople Launches Crowdfunding For Their Commerce and Social App


How It Works:

The app is being developed for an amazing social experience, at the same time with business and commerce at it’s center. We want to encourage everyone to have an entrepreneurial mindset, most importantly, secure their financial freedom while still having some fun.

You can either register as a business or an individual. Create your profile page  and connect all your business pages, phone number and official business email for sales and marketing. This will enable customers and potential customers to call or email you  directly from the application.

There is a video feed to showcase  and promote your products as much as you want. We also have the different business and product categories to chose from. Users will be able to have their social experience without limitation.

Most importantly, we can all generate custom coupons for products. These are not unlimited coupons but limited coupons for competitive and on demand products in the market place.  We hope that this will bring a huge awareness to our melanin products from all over the world. Our customers can then claim this coupon and automatically they will be available on their dashboard.

The app serves as a sales funnel. This will be extremely advantageous for people who could use additional traffic to their web based projects or stores.  Speaking to the platform’s project manager, Ade, He said “I believe in innovation and that is why our message is embedded in us being more creative and less end users. As we are all aware ,the power of  the melanin commerce is “Super” huge. This is what has motivated me to develop a one stop shop app for all people of color.  From Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and to Professionals, any one  with genuine interest in our community is free to / and can use our app.”

Join MelaninPeople in developing the first social interactive commerce centered, sales funnel application made for All.

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