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Ray J Gives Update On Marriage And Plans To Have More Kids With Princess Love


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Ray J and Princess Love remain committed to working through their marriage after dismissing their most recent petition for divorce. In an interview with Wendy Williams, Ray J said that he and Princess are in a great place as they work to repair their union. Princess, who was also supposed to appear on the show alongside Ray, canceled at the last minute because she felt that Wendy has said unkind things about her in the past.

“When I told her we were doing the interview, she said, ‘Nah, Wendy be talking mess. She never have nothing nice to say about me. I don’t want to get into an argument. I just want you to do your thing because I don’t think me and Wendy ever been on the same page,’” said the VH1 “Couple’s Retreat” star.

As for the state of his marriage, Ray J said that a trip to Miami helped him and Princess to smooth things out.

“We flew out to Miami. I flew them [Princess and the kids] out to Miami for my birthday and things have been so great that we’ve been here ever since,” the reality star explained.

As for whether or not he is committed to being faithful in his marriage moving forward, he said that he was.

“Absolutely,” said the entrepreneur. “Two people never giving up. I think that’s it. Going through different times in life, it’s just a transition. Sometimes, it’s about a whole different thing in life that you’re dealing with.”

“It’s a long-term journey that you have to take with somebody,” he went on to say about marriage. “We still have a long way to go but we’re trying to work on it.”

As for Princess’s desire to have more children, Ray J said he’s definitely interested in welcoming more kids with his wife.

“If she’s can do the nine months, I can do my time,” said Ray J.

Watch his full interview below.



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