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Top Tips for Live Online Roulette


It there a bigger thrill than placing a bet on a roulette wheel? What about when that roulette wheel is in a live studio setting? More and more people are choosing live online roulette over bricks-and-mortar casinos every day, but why? There are major differences between the two; first being the requirements to dress up and head out, while websites welcome players to join in with the fun from the comfort of their own home. It is this very reason why live online roulette is surging in popularity.

Land-based casinos offer a glamorous setting, but they also only offer two ways to play; European (single zero) or American (double zero). When you compare that to online verticals where you can place your bets on any number of tables with pays of more than just 35:1/36:1, you begin to understand why playing online roulette is so popular.

Evolution introduced a mind-blowing and revolutionary way to play live roulette in 2018 when they unveiled Lightning Roulette at London ICE 2018 event and it is as popular today as it was the day it first appeared! Each game round delivers selects up to five random numbers from the wheel and each of those is assigned a multiplier of between 50x and 500x. If you have a bet covering one of those ‘lightning numbers’ when it wins, you stake will be multiplied by the stated multiplier!

Three Top Tips for Live Online Roulette

Before you start playing, it’s a great idea to brush up on your roulette knowledge. There are plenty of guides online to do this and sites like this one can be really helpful. We have also summarised a few quick hints too…

#1 Understand the Basics: Live roulette is generally simple to understand; you drag your desired chip onto the table to place your bet, but how do you know where to bet? You don’t! Live online roulette will supply all the stats and history you need to help make better betting choices, so make sure you understand where these are and how to read them before placing your bets. Hot numbers are hot for a reason – they’re more likely to come out while cold numbers are the complete opposite, so try not to place big bets on cold numbers because the chances of winning are slim!

#2 Don’t be Shy: Live online roulette is beamed directly from the recording studio to your device and features a host in every game. Players are actively encouraged to take part in chat with the host and other players by using the chat feature on screen. If you’re unsure of how to play or have a general question, make your voice heard by typing away and pressing send!

#3 A Fool and Their Money Are Easily Parted: Two things to make a note of here, first being you should never pay for a roulette strategy and the second is to always have responsible gambling limits in place! If there really was a strategy out there for winning every game of live online roulette, ask yourself, would there be any online casinos left? The answer would be no! That being said, there are well known betting strategies that many people follow, and you don’t have to pay to get access to these, because you’ll find them below:

          ●     The Ascot: Double your betting amount when placing bets on outcomes of 50/50 chance, such as red or black, odds or evens, 1 to 18 or 18 to 36. Bets on this system offer the best chance of a win but the smallest of returns.

          ●    Columns System: Small bets to be placed on the first column and with each lose, your bet is to be doubled and added to the next column until you hit a win.

              D’Alembert: The chances of winning two games in a row is slim, so with this system, if you win, you lower your bet. When you lose your raise it.

      ●    Fibonacci System: This roulette strategy dates back some 900 years and is based on naturally occurring mathematical sequences and when utilised in live online roulette, the rule of thumb is you only increase your bet after losing a wager. Here’s an example: first bet would be £1, second bet £2, third bet £3, fourth bet £5, fifth bet £8, sixth bet £13, seventh bet £21, eighth bet £34, ninth bet £55 and the tenth bet would be £89, but only on even money bets. By playing this formula, when you eventually hit a win, your win will swallow up your previous losses. But unless you have a large bankroll, this is not a system that would suit your style of play.

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