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Meet Lareal Lipkins, The CEO, and Founder of Vision Boards Over Brunch in Spring, Texas


We met with the Lareal Lipkins, the CEO of Vision Boards Over Brunch, located in Spring, TX. She is a transformation expert that teaches women entrepreneurs how to elevate their mindset so they have more confidence, conviction, and credibility.

1. Please, can our readers get to know you? Briefly introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi, I am a success strategist and speaker. I am originally from Dallas, but my family and I relocated to the Houston area in October last year. I am a lover of all things personal development, and my passion is helping women who have big dreams get from where they are to where they want to be.

2. What exactly are you into? What is your business all about? 

My business consists of live events, online programs, and 1-1 coaching. For the live events, I host three signature programs, Vision Boards Over Brunch, Reignite, and Belief Breakthrough Boot Camps.

All of these in person programs give people an opportunity to connect with women who are on the same journey as them.

Every month I offer a live class online that people can join from anywhere. The topics range from how to set crystal goals  to executing your goals and  managing your time. Coaching is tailored based on the specific needs of my client.

3. What inspired you to get started?

My own journey is what inspired me to get started. I did sales training and consulting for 10 years before I went to work for myself full-time. When I started at that job, I was an intern then I became Director of Marketing, and when I left I was Managing Partner.

As I elevated in my career, I learned how to elevate my mindset and thinking. I  have also coached and trained thousands of sales people, entrepreneurs, and CEOs all over the world to achieve a new level of success.

4. What is your educational background?

I received my bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of North Texas, and my MBA from The University of Texas at Dallas

5. What are your motivations?

My motivations are my family and my purpose. I want to provide the best life possible for my family, and I believe that once you lock into your purpose it pulls you.

6. What advice do you have for other people who want to do this same thing?

The advice that I would give to someone who wants to do the same thing is to remember what makes you, you. With social media it is easy to lose sight of who you truly are and become a mix of everyone that inspires you on your timeline.

However, when you do that you actually sacrifice the very things that are going to help you stand out.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next five years I see myself traveling the world and speaking full-time.

8. Any present or future projects?

My latest project is a book that I am working on entitled, “A Woman With Vision”. It will be released April 2, 2019, and helps you learn how to achieve the goals and dreams that God has given you.

9. What is the biggest challenge you’ve experienced in your business as a person of color?

When I did sales training and consulting, I was the only African American female trainer out of 200+ trainers, and honestly it never bothered me. I’ve always had the mentality that my talent and value with speak for itself.

If someone has an issue with me because I’m a woman or African-American, that’s their problem, not mine. I actually had several opportunities that came my way because I had proven myself, but also because I was different than the other trainers.

10. Are you married or single?

Happily married for almost five years.

11. How can we connect with you on social media?

@VisionBoardsOverBrunch and @LarealLipkins on Instagram

12. What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment right now is writing this book. I never thought that I would be able to write and publish a book in less than 60 days, but did. It helped remind me what I can do when I’m really committed to it.

13. As a person of color, what advice will you give someone starting their own business or career?

The advice I would give someone starting their own business or career would be to focus on offering value.

In other words, if you want someone to pay you (whether in your business or at a job), you need to be solving a problem.

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