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Meet Raechelle Kay, Founder Of The Non-Profit Home For Cancer, And Dementia Patients in Fort Bend County, Texas


1. Please, can our readers get to know you? Briefly introduce yourself to our audience.

My name is Raechelle Kay. I am a native of fort bend county, I have a non-profit home for cancer and dementia patients that are located in fort bend county and I recently opened a holistic wellness and laser lipo practice

2. What exactly are you into? What is your business all about? 

My businesses are about health and wellness although one focuses on seniors and the other healthy adults they both show my commitment to the healthcare industry

3. What inspired you to get started?

I lost my mom and it just changed my focus on life and living.

4. What is your educational background?

I have 2 doctoral degrees and an MBA and real estate broker license.

5. What are your motivations?

I am motivated to be the best me I can be so that my children see that it’s ok to be different it’s ok to succeed and care for others

6. What advice do you have for other people who want to do this same thing?

My advice is to not give up no matter how long it takes if you want something to keep striving.

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7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I hope that in the next 5 years, I have 2 care homes and that my wellness business has a second location.

8. Any present or future projects?

A present project just launched I am now offering laser lipo in my office

9. What is the biggest challenge you’ve experienced in your business as a person of color?

Honestly not having other people that look like me truly be supportive

10. Are you married or single?


11. How can we connect with you on social media?

Dr.Raek on IG and paint the town purple in honor of Jimmie on Facebook

12. What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is that I have found success in my own time and on my own terms with no regrets.

13. As a person of color, what advice will you give someone starting their own business or career?

Make sure you network with other successful people of color and look into internships in fields you are interested in.

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