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Meet the fitness professional, Cantria Williams, who says helping others get fit gives her fulfillment.


1. Please, can our readers get to know you? 

2. What exactly are you into? What is your business all about? 
I’m into fitness. It’s about empowering people, they can achieve their fitness goals at any age & under any circumstance. They don’t have to be a certain age, not rich, or follow the crowd to be the hottest thing on the block. It’s about inspiring & motivating people, they can achieve any goal they put their mind to.

3. What inspired you to get started? 
Actually, I was working a 9-5 job in a call center when my son was 2 yrs old. I had fluctuated in weight and gained 25 lbs after starting the job. I lost all my confidence. People at work started seeing my weight gain, I had no energy, & didn’t even like looking in the mirror at myself. When I began not liking to take photos & started avoiding mirrors, I knew something was wrong. I got a gym membership at LA Fitness. Ended up getting my energy and confidence back up. Started losing a lot of weight. Ended up getting laid off at my job. Spent more time with my son and at the gym. Then I met my friend James, who inspired me to get into competing in bodybuilding. Then I started studying how to train people. Helping others became really rewarding to me.

4. What is your educational background? 
Judson College- English major. MTSU- Mass Communications & Theatre. ISSA. NASM- currently working on.

5. What are your motivations? 
My son. He motivates mommy to get moving.

6. What advice do you have for other people who want to do this same thing? 
I was a naive and very nice person when I started in this fitness industry. Easily taken advantage of, because I didn’t know the industry too well. Choose your friends wisely. And stay away from people who do not believe in you. There are going to be people in the fitness industry, who might try to sabotage your opportunities, all because they think their better, or due to jealousy. You just have to tough it out and keep going. I’ve stepped onstage during competitions many of times, with no shame of what others said about me. You just have to keep moving. Be careful who you connect with. One wrong connection can detour you. Watch what people do, & not what they say.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 
My fitness business changing lives. I’d like to see messages from people saying, “It’s because of your encouragement & testimony, that I never gave up.” Seeing people smile because they are able to do the things they never thought they could achieve, brings a smile to my face.

8. Any present or future projects? 
Yes. Relaunching Chic in the Hat Fitness business this spring.

9. What is the biggest challenge you’ve experienced in your business as a person of color? 
I’ve dealt with unfair challenges. There were shows where I would get stares from people backstage and they’d be talking about my hair. Talking about the wigs and weaves I wear for the shows. Haha! But 80% of bikini competitors are wearing fake hair at the shows. I’ve even been told to my face that I would never be a bikini professional just because I am an African American and over 35. And they would say things to me, “Like women of color are not seen as appealing in the bikini division”. Yea, someone did tell me this. But, I didn’t let that stop me. I kept going.

10. Are you Married or Single? 

11. How can we connect with you on social media? 
IG: @fitmom_at40_cantria /Facebook: Fit & 40 Cantria.

12. What is your greatest accomplishment? 
Being a mom & inspiring others not to give up.

With her twin 😉

13. As a person of color, what advice will you give someone starting their own business or career? 
Keep quiet about your business moves, until it’s ready to be shown. Never tell people your business moves. Do something thats your passion and different from what everyone else is doing.

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