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MelaninPeople Congratulates Dr. Andrea Curry On The Successful Completion Of Her Ph.D. In Health Services


Dr. Andrea Curry completed her Ph.D. in Health Services from Walden University in November 2018.  Her research evaluated the relationship between racial health disparities and the patient-provider relationship.  Andrea graduated as summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA in 2015 from Walden University’s Master of Healthcare Administration program.

While completing her Ph.D. dissertation, Andrea began the process of publishing her first book entitled, Mind To Heart Motivational Thoughts, which is scheduled to be released through all major booksellers within the first quarter of 2019. 

Andrea has a passion for healthcare and has been a member of the National Association of Health Service Executives since 2013.  Andrea currently serves as the secretary for the Memphis Chapter of the National Association of Health Service Executives. She is a member of the Golden Key Honour Society, Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society, and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Dr. Andrea Curry Ph.D.

Dr.Andrea hosts her own podcast, “Mind To Heart”, which can be found on nine different platforms.  She is committed to mentoring students who desire to reach their greatest potential.  She is an advocate for working hard and for remaining committed to finishing what you start.

1. Please, can our readers get to know you? Briefly introduce yourself to our audience.

I am a doctor of philosophy, author, podcast host, mentor, and motivational speaker.

2. What exactly are you into? What is your business all about? 

I am all about motivating students and young people. I have made it my mission to encourage other students of color to tap into their greatest potential in order to excel in their life’s aspirations.

3. What inspired you to get started?

My mother encouraged me to continue in school to get my PhD after I finished my MHA.

4. What is your educational background?


5. What are your motivations?

My innate desire to be the best version of myself possible. I believe in giving everything my best, and mediocrity is not acceptable.

6. What advice do you have for other people who want to do this same thing?

Believe in yourself, rely on your faith in The Lord, stay focused, and see the end from the beginning.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

New York Times Best Seller, sought out motivational speaker, and distinguished faculty at a university.

8. Any present or future projects?

My first book, “Mind To Heart”, will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major booksellers sometime next month.

9. What is the biggest challenge you’ve experienced in your business as a person of color?

Getting people to believe that I have something to say worth listening to.

10. Are you Married or Single?


11. How can we connect with you on social media?

drandreacurry (IG, FB, YouTube, and Twitter)

12. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Completing my MHA and Ph.D. all within 6 years combined.

13. As a person of color, what advice will you give someone starting their own business or career?

You have something that someone out there needs. Never be afraid to step out of the boat into uncertain waters. Never allow your fears to hinder or deter you.

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