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New York Detective Killed By ‘Friendly Fire’ In T-Mobile Store Robbery


Source: Photo By Tom Carter / Getty

A 19-Year veteran New York City Police Detective was killed by friendly fire during a robbery in Queens on Tuesday night. According to reports, Detective Brian Simonsen was shot in the chest as multiple officers fired at the suspect at a local T-Mobile store.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neil said in a conference,

“With the suspect advancing toward them, the officers discharged their weapons and retreated out of the store. That was when Det. Simonsen was shot. His fellow officers put him in a marked police car and transported him [to the hospital]. The trauma staff did their best to try to save him, and we thank them for that. They were unable to do so.”

Unfortunately, Simonsen wasn’t the only officer hit during the robbery. Sergeant Matthew Gorman was shot in the leg and taken to a nearby hospital to recover. Christopher Ransom, the 27 year old suspect, was shot multiple times and is currently in critical condition at New York-Presbyterian Queens hospital.

Prayers to the families.

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