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Salim Akil Responds To Alleged Mistress Lawsuit, Suggests She’s Too Late With Her Claims


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Salim Akil Thinks Alleged Mistress’ Lawsuit Is Too Little, Too Late

Salim Akil has finally responded to a lawsuit that alleged he abused and stole a script from a former mistress, Amber Dixon Brenner.

According to The Blast, the producer/director is demanding his alleged mistress’ lawsuit accusing him of domestic violence be dismissed. In court documents, Akil claims the statute of limitations on Amber Brenner’s claims has passed. He also says Brenner is barred from bringing claims against him due to her own “negligent, intentional or bad faith conduct.”

Additionally, Akil is demanding her lawsuit be thrown out and she be made to pay his attorney fees. Yikes!

Amber Dixon Brenner initially filed a lawsuit against Akil on November 20th, 2018 that detailed explicit sexual abuse she allegedly endured from him for over a period of TEN YEARS. She also claimed in the lawsuit that she shared a script with him, which he shopped around on her behalf. After months of failed communication, Akil’s show “Love Is____” was picked up by OWN, bearing similarities. Brenner is suing for compensatory damages, emotional distress, attorney fees, and punitive damages. The amount she is asking for is not disclosed in her complaint.


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