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Why Do Black Women Feel So Hurt When We See Black Men With White Women?

black men and white women dating
Why black men date outside their race.

This issue of black men dating white women is not something that the black sisters take lightly at all. But why is this? Most men claim “peace of mind is on the very top of their list in finding a wife and this is what motivates them to date outside of their race.  This definitely gets the “sisters” mad and angry and they really don’t find it funny or attractive.

Watching Shamika Sanders, Keyaira Kelly and guest co-host Africa Miranda on the prestigious online show ” Listen to Black Women” on the MadameNoire channel  (Yea I had to reference that cos of copyright issues)

I definitely love sharing these videos with yall, just because I know it’s very difficult to find very good content online.  Yea.

Enjoy the video here


A particular comment on the YouTube video from “Fredo Knows Best”, Caught the eye of everyone … You should see this and then let me know what you think of his comment.


Black men overall love the connection we have with our black women, however, the attitudes of white and Asian women seem less confrontational than black and latina women, therefore,e we are focusing on the peace of mind aspect of things. And that causes us to marry the women that brings us the most peace of mind. If more black women want to get “chosen” then calm that “I’m every woman” syndrome. Blackmen are having strokes at record numbers because of the stress we receive from these relationships with certain black women and that is one of the major reasons for the mass exodus….
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