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Why Do Black Women Pick “Good Men” Last?


So just wondering what is going on with our women as regards relationships. You know, how come they tend to search for the “good guys” last? You know they really don’t like the good guys, maybe he is boring… and you know what? I also heard some women feel that the good guys prefer the hot sexy hoe-ish women… Mmmm I really don’t know what that means though. You know associating the bad guys and bad ladies with fun … fun fun…and the good ones with boredom.

Found this video while doing my research.. from MadameNoire’s YouTube Page. I am very certain you will enjoy this video. Watch on

I found this comment from “Rod Pruitt” very enlightening and informative at the same time. His comment really caught my eye and I also felt you might like to read it.

Rod Pruitt
4 days ago
Most women today spend their 20’s laughing at nerds and squares. They spend their 30’s regretting the nerd square good guy they let get away (because, by now, they have been dogged and impregnated by some bad guys). NOTE: they still want the bad boys, but they need a good guy to help them with the kids and the rent. If they do get a good guy now, they will cheat on him with the bad guy. Finally, they spend their 40’s and 50s with reasonable mature standards and an appreciation for the good guy (who is already married with 3 grown kids).


1. Good guys are weak in Bed… What? mmmm
2. Bad guys are great in Bed…Mmmm
3. Good guys are intelligent and less sexually experienced.

I am beginning to think it’s all about SEX to the ladies from all these comments here and there.

Well for me, I will just say… bla bla bla

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